Tuesday, July 5, 2016

An Ode to People Who Pick Themselves Up

Life can be wonderful. Absolutely blue-skied, soft-breeze, I-feel-damn-good wonderful.

My version of "F yea, life!"

But life can also be utter and complete shit. It will pick you up to a height you thought you'd never be scared of, and drop you in a blink. And as you fall, life sometimes finds it humorous to grow trees for you to hit and bounce off as you descend to the ground.

It's at that rocky, cold, hard bottom that you learn the most about yourself. It won't seem that way when you're down there, but it is.

Down there, no is around to aid in your wallows. They can throw scraps of their soft love down to you, and though it is comforting, it is the furthest thing from any true solution. You start to realize that you have 3 options:

  1. Stay down there and either give up or feed off available "love scraps" until they can't support you anymore.
  2. Pretend your shitty situation is okay and avoid the bigger issue by continuing to pretend being down there is fine (a.k.a. ignorance) (P.S., it ain't bliss)
  3. You stand up, tell life to go f*** itself, and start climbing out.
That's it. Those are truly the only options when you reach those points. And through all the pain and hurt and confusion you have to decide if you have the strength to choose #3. To demand the happiness you deserve and pick your damn self up.

And to pick this choice, it can come early on or later. There's no telling how long an individuals battle will torment them. And this choice is by no means the first, or the easiest. But if/when it comes, it does not matter...it only matters that it eventually makes it way to the forefront of your mind.

This path can include a multitude of various things. Therapy, medication, new routines, meditation/yoga, exercise, etc.

It does not matter the path, it only matters that you fought to find that piece inside of you that strives to see out your future. The curiosity for exploration, thirst for adventure, persistence for advancement, fostering healthy relationships with people who actually give a shit about you.

This is an ode to the amount of strength, vulnerability, and courage it takes to get to that spot, after falling so far. To remember that you are still alive and breathing and have enough worth in your own two eyes. The best news is that once you reach this point, once you are able to stand yourself upright, the hardest part is over. The questioning of your worth, your abilities, your value. You realize that others don't dictate these statistics and you alone decide them. The power of that realization is incredible.

I guess my point is that I hope people can find the strength to realize that they have the power over their worth, they decide their own value, they have the courage to remind themselves constantly of their achievements and potential. Them.

There's many good days to be had.

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