Friday, January 1, 2016

The next about it.

Hey, I'm Kelli


I very slowly started the journey of switching to a more organic lifestyle and as it progressed I began learning & experimenting with various natural ingrediants in my hair care, skin care, and health. I've been through trial (end error) with many of my combinations and have again, slowly, perfected some of my homemade products. I have only shared them with friends and family but would like to expand to help the general population in a hopeful transition to more natural ways of life!

Great Strange Dream logoIf you want to check out the products I have made so far, you can read more about their ingredients/purchase them here:
My Etsy!

Along with my path into natural ingredients for my physical well-being, I am constantly working on my mental health. Around 6 years ago I fell into a depression that developed into a sever anxiety disorder. Though I fought and won the depression battle, it has been an ongoing recovery process the past 5 years with my anxiety. I am constantly looking for/finding new ways in which I can help better process my emotions and behaviors to combat this disorder.

As well, follow me on instagram to follow my continuing journey and product reviews of other organic beauty care items @chinsupbuttercups

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