Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Orgaic Travel Essentials (PART 2)

Vitamins & Supplements

Travelling is a very time consuming and mind-occupying activity that disrupts our typical routines (in a good way), but can often lead us to not pay as much attention to our food intake/supplementing our body with nutrients.

Since my trip is a roadtrip (no planes!) and much of the time will be spent on-the-go, hiking, climbing, exploring, and adventuring, I wanted to make sure I chose the right vitamins and supplements to keep my energy up and body happy but few enough to easily pack.

**Please note I am not a health care professional! This post is written purely from my own research and experiences, you can take or leave the advice at your own will. Always consult a professional if you are not sure! There are many many herbal & non-herbal supplements out there with varying effects, these are only a small fraction.

If you don't already have a go-to multivitamin, you may want to get on that. Besides taking one for daily use, they can be particularly useful for when you're travelling to maintain your health. There are many variations of multivitamins so listen to your body, click the link I provided and figure out which one is right for you. Most health food stores carry them and if you find a store worker within the department they can often help you pick one out. If you really have no idea- look for the "male" or "female" combination bottles, as they are at least catered to your biological makeup.

Energy Support- Iron

Iron is essential for oxygenating our bloodstream and helps the body with energy levels. I struggled with fatigue a few years back and after adding iron supplements to my diet, my fatigue dramatically decreased. Though sufficient iron amounts the body needs can typically be consumed through the foods we eat (nuts, whole grains, beef, dark leafy greens (spinach), and even dark chocolate!), while you are on the road it's a little bit harder to choose your foods so picking up a bottle before a trip may be a good idea.

Immune Support- Echinacea Goldenseal
My immune system is influenced by a lot- and changes in my location/lifestyle often disrupt it. If this sounds like your immune system you may look to echinacea supplements to help stabalize and strengthen your immune systems ability to fight off illness. At home, I reach for echinacea at the first sign of a cold and it often cures it or at least shortens the cold.

Multi-use SupportGinseng
Ginseng is great for general adrenal support (endocrine system), which aids the body in effectively balancing hormones. In turn, it helps both brain function, physical endurance, and immunity support. On top of that, it acts as an anti-inflammatory which for all the hiking I'm about to do will be nice for any joints that can't keep up. Along with benefits for hikers, it can help improve lung function, allowing for boosted physical endurance. To top it off, research is showing that ginseng can also help prevent cancer through it's ability to inhibit tumor growth. All around winner of an herb.

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