Friday, July 1, 2016

Being Okay With Being Alone

For a long time I fought my own introverted-ness. I wanted to be an extrovert so badly, I wanted a lot of friends, I wanted to party as much as others, I wanted to go out and not be overly tired by the time I reached the bar. I didn't understand why when I forced myself to do those things it was so exhausting, it took everything out of me.

College came, and the extroverted opportunities were almost forced upon me, so that alleviated some of the effort from my part. I partied, made loads of friends, had a wonderful experience doing many various activities. And yet, I didn't join all the clubs I "wanted" to, I didn't push myself to have 'studdy-buddies', or grab coffee with professors. These things took almost 100% effort from my end so I didn't do them.
Good 'ole college days

After graduation, I moved to a new city, with very little friends, and thought not much of it since last time I did that (going to college), it turned out great! Newsflash, the real world is nothing like college. Events, friends, and parties are not at all forced on you so it's completely left up to you to do those things.

I slowly started going out less, trying less to make new friends, etc.

However, I also slowly started to accept that I was actually okay with it, and that is 100% okay. I am a natural introvert. I need my alone time to recharge. Being alone doesn't make me lonely, like I always thought it would. Once I accepted that spending time alone was alright, and once I stopped fighting it- my severe anxiety lessened immensely. I was able to go days without seeing friends in person and not being upset at myself. If I was emotionally okay, why morph being alone into anything but okay? Being alone and being lonely are two completely different things!

Me doin' me myself, but happy.

I started to get so many things accomplished and done during this time instead of constantly fretting over my lack of...partying. I still got out of the house, adventured around the city, explored the parks and sights. I was active, alone, but active. That's really what matters in the end as an introvert.

If you are an introvert, what things do you enjoy doing while alone? Do you ever feel the need to do extroverted activities? How do you deal with the pressure to "go out"?

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